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Celerity DRS are the exclusive European distributors of the Pressure Systems International (P.S.I.) Tyre Inflation System. The leading system with over 1.5 million systems in use worldwide, and are experts in their own right when it comes to Automatic Tyre Inflation Systems.

Having worked closely with Europe’s leading axle manufacturers, the Automatic Tyre Inflation System has been refined and perfected for the European trailer market, with partnerships now in place with all of the major manufacturers who provide their own brands of the system. Examples include the SAF Tyre Pilot, BPW Air SaveSchmitz Cargobull, JOST’s Plug & Play ATIS, SAE-SMB Airmax and Assali Stefen, with more to come in the near future. The full list of Celerity DRS partners can be found on their website here.

Further information on the PSI Tyre Inflation System can be found on the PSI brand page located here, or on the Celerity DRS website.

Not just tyre inflation systems

Alongside the PSI Tyre Inflation System, Celerity DRS also offer a range of products which aim to improve the fuel consumption and reduce CO2 emissions for commercial vehicles. The latest addition to the CDRS product line up is the Airtab® Fuel Saver -a drag reduction system which is readily available to all commercial fleets across Europe.

Airtabs® are uniquely shaped plastic moulds which create two tight swirls of air that combine to reduce the suction and drag at two key points on the vehicle: the tractor-trailer gap and the base area of any square-backed commercial vehicle.

Each Airtab® creates a series of vortices that combine to reduce the drag at the rear of vehicles traveling at speeds above approximately 35 mph or 55kmh. Not only does this reduce fuel consumption (on average between 3% and 5% as tested by Millbrook Proving Grounds and MIRA in the UK), but it also provides several safety benefits as well, including increased vehicle stability in high winds.

Click here to find out more about the Airtab® fuel saver.

Contact us

To find out more about the PSI Tyre Inflation System or Celerity DRS please get in touch on:

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