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Celerity Systems is built on over 80 years of experience in the friction and foundry industries. Our vast knowledge of the friction couple, and not just a single element, sets us apart. From its roots in the British automotive industry Celerity

Systems offers the most integral wheel end solutions for the most demanding applications. 

With manufacturing centres in Europe and Asia our global partnerships deliver consistent quality, value and expertise in manufacturing, marketing and logistics which gives us an unrivalled ability to satisfy our customers’ requirements. 

Bremsen Technik Celerity Systems North America Copper free

Our innovative Copper Free Air Disc Pads are environmentally friendly, provide increased braking efficiency and improved performance. In use throughout North America and required by the Better Braking Law 2025, our Copper Free Brake Pads will give outstanding wear characteristics whilst maintaining the high standards of our global advanced braking technology.

Our disc brake systems have been fitted to commercial vehicle and bus applications in Europe for over 20 years and are emerging as the standard method of braking on coach, transit and heavy commercial applications in North America. Compared to a drum brake system the disc brake provides superior braking performance and stability with balanced force distribution and virtually no fade. As a result the brake performance is greatly enhanced with improved drivability and feel. As the requirement for shorter stopping distances is introduced in North America the disc brake system will become the standard. 

We offer products that conform with all local legislation and standards. All our friction materials and rotors are R90* approved and tested for integrity, performance and wear. Our products match the performance of leading OE products on all tests. 

Celerity Systems cataloguing covers the entire U.S. heavy vehicle market and our range of friction formulas suit all applications. 

 * UN ECE R90 is the legislation governing aftermarket braking products in Europe. It requires that all aftermarket brake friction couple products should have the equivalent performance of the OE parts. 

Private Label Opportunities

Our private label service allows customers to purchase products in their own brand and to their own individual specification. Our robust supply chain allows for short lead times and bespoke specifications. Our engineering and marketing teams will work closely with you to ensure we deliver a product which meets your requirements. This includes bespoke packaging solutions, accessory kit options and numerous customisation options for your product range.

We supply both core and premium products across key categories including:

  • Brake Pads
  • Brake Discs
  • Brake Shoe Kits
  • Drum Brake
  • Drum Brake linings
  • Air brake components

We provide a flexible supply chain solution to the global Commercial Vehicle market.

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To find out more about Celerity Systems North America please get in touch on:

+1 (248) 994 7696 info@celerity-systems.com www.celerity-systems.com

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