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Bremsen Technik Motorsports is the exclusive UK distributors for Brembo Sport, Brembo Racing and Brembo HP2000 performance products.
Brembo Racing Products are widely regarded as the leading brake systems in the world. It is hardly surprising that the majority of all performance and prestige car manufacturers choose to fit Brembo High Performance Brake Systems to their vehicles.

The Brembo High Performance range is broken down into 3 sub-groups:
Brembo Sport, Brembo Turismo and Brembo Performance. This ensures that everybody can afford to benefit from fitting high performance, high quality, and aesthetically pleasing braking components!

The Brembo Sport range 

Bremsen Technik Motorsports is the proud exclusive UK distributor for the Brembo Sport range which includes the High Performance HP2000 Disc. 

This range is tested to the highest levels on the track, and with decelerations from 270kph (168mph), the HP2000 material used in the Brembo Sport range is capable of operating in the most demanding conditions. 

With excellent cold performance and bite, high resistance to fade, frictional stability throughout all operating conditions, reduced pad and disc wear and low dust levels, the all new HP2000 friction material offers significant advantages over its rivals. 

Designed to be a direct replacement for the Original Equipment (OE) pads the Brembo sport pad comes with the exact same specification as the OE pad. 

Combine all of this with competitive pricing and UNECE R90 approval across the full range (making them street legal) and you get a true high performance brake pad fit for the road. 

The Brembo Racing Product Range


Brembo Calipers 

Lightweight aluminium calipers specifically designed using specific computer aided programs to give the highest performance and stiffness. Individual designs for the front and rear of every application 


Brembo Iron Discs 

Produced from the highest grade of cast iron to meet the demands of racing discs. A complete range of sizes for different applications many with the option of heavy duty or lightweight depending on the race distance. Included are versions with tooth drive providing more efficient cooling. 


Carbon and Ceramic Racing Discs 

Available for all formulae where use of these exotic lightweight materials is permitted. 


Brembo Racing pedal boxes 

Lightweight stiff floor mounted pedal boxes with a remote brake bias adjuster. 


Brembo Racing Master Cylinder 

Efficient front pivot or two bolt fixing aluminium master cylinders in a range of diameters, plus handbrake master cylinders for rally applications. All master cylinders are individually adjusted on assembly to give the shortest initial travel. 


Brembo Racing Brake Disc Pads 

A range of pads to suit Brembo callipers with an in house produced materials which have a high friction and low compressibility. RB340 has a leading low wear rate which can be raced for 24 hours without a pad change. 


Brembo Racing Brake Fluid 

Two brake fluids specifically formulated for high temperature brake systems of which the HTC64T is the highest in-car boiling point of all fluids on the market. 

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