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Bremsen Technik Motorsports have an excellent, long-standing relationship with the team at ZF Sachs and we have been a key distribution partner for over 12 years. Our team has incredible knowledge of their product range which is why we continue to be an important partner in ZF Sachs’ distribution strategy.

The ZF Sachs Racing™ product line was specifically developed for the demands imposed in motorsports on racing dampers and clutches. The products offer technical perfection and durability, making them ideal for all types of racing vehicles and events, ranging from long-distance races to sprints. The option of tailor-made construction for both racing dampers as well as clutches makes it possible to find the right solution for practically any application.

ZF Sachs Racing™ Clutch System

The engineers at ZF Sachs Race Engineering have been technical partners of several Formula One teams for years now. Their expertise is now directly available in the ZF Sachs Racing Clutch System, which can be individually configured for all racing series. Read more.

ZF Sachs Racing™ Damping System

Racing teams around the world rely on dampers from ZF Sachs Race Engineering. From Formula One to the Dakar Rally, successful teams use ZF Sachs. Read more.

The ZF Sachs formula

We are integral to the supply and delivery of Sachs shock absorbers and clutches that are specifically tailored to meet individual customers’ needs, and we make sure that advice we provide is of the highest quality.

Each clutch and damper is optimised down to the last detail, and produced uniquely for the customer. Sachs’ developments set new standards in all classes – from touring car contests, rallies and sports prototypes to the Formula One series.

For the carbon clutches, they use only high-grade materials such as high-strength steel and titanium alloys or aluminium that meets aeronautic specifications. New carbon friction materials improve start-up performance and reliability. Thanks to their special design, the advanced rotational dampers enhance the response and driving performance of Formula One racing cars. They also save space and weight, which considerably enhances vehicle aerodynamics.

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To find out more about ZF / Sachs Performance please get in touch on:

+44 (0)1748 830 909motorsport@racepads.co.uk www.racepads.co.uk

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